Who Is Derek Bernard?

I’m a 35 year man of god, married and father of an eight year old girl, and a son that’s due August 12, 2018. However, he can enter the world any day.

When I was in my mother’s womb, she was in Rikers Island prison facility and my father was in another facility for the crimes they committed. My mother was removed from the prison and transferred to  Elmhurst Hospital to give birth to me on February 21, 1983 and with neither parent to take care me, my father told his parents and they came to the rescue and picked me up from the hospital.

Growing up in Brownsville, one of Brooklyn’s most oppressed neighborhoods filled with drugs, alcohol, addictions, poverty, violence and oppression, I could have easily followed in the foot steps of most of the men that raised me.

God had other plans…

Given a front role seat to all of the hurt and oppression, I made it a goal to stray clear of all of the things I saw bring my family down. I saw first hand the effects of alcohol, drug addiction, absent love ones in and out of the prison system, and violence right in my own home. I saw how these things tore a large tight-knit family apart….

I began to realize that Brownsville was oppressed, because the families within the Ville were oppressed. Then it dawned on me that the community didn’t begin in the streets, but rather in the home….

As long as the home was defiled then the community was defiled.

To create cohesiveness you must create unity, and unity demands a leader. It would take a leader to rise up in the home to create leaders to rise up in the village. Thus as God has created the Man to lead his Family, he has also created the Fathers to lead the Village.

Welcome to AVOF!

A Village Of Fathers!

#avof  #avillageoffathers #avofnation #fatherhood #fathersarealive

Calling all fathers to join our village and share your experiences. Want to share your story comment below. looking forward to hearing from you


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Remember, it takes a village!

– Derek Bernard

Published by avofnation

Man of God, father of two children, founder of AVOF (A Village of Fathers) organization.

11 thoughts on “Who Is Derek Bernard?

  1. Powerful preview brother ✊🏾!

    You are right about one thing!

    We need more men to rise up and father our communities!

    God Bless AVOF!

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  2. Wonderful byline I’m very proud of my son , being a single father is just as hard as being a single mother. He can be that light that single father’s want to gravitate to. He was met do to great things. I’m confident this program will be a success! Please, father’s join together! It’s time to rise up and be heard. Be Fathers and be proud!!!!!

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  3. Awesome blog… Being a single mother I know first hand how hard it is trying to raise a young African American Son Alone in such a cold tough world. I applause you for what you are creating for out young men. Positive Strong Male Role Model’s Are Needed More Now Than Ever!!!! Much Respect Derek 🙏🏾

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  4. Hey Bron Bron, nice blog. I respect it. Glad you didn’t fall victim to the neighborhood and you are rising above it. Continue to stay focus, driven and positive. Congrats by the way too.

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  5. Congratulations to my brother. You’re the epitome of King! We need more men and fathers like you. Continue to lead, unite and make a difference in our community. I love you and I know our Angels in heaven are proud.


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