As A Father, What Are Your Immediate Needs?

Children are born into this world, they do not request to be here!

We as parents make decisions that allow for children to enter into this world. It is our responsibility to constantly express love and acceptance to our children as their caretakers and guardians.

It’s important that we show our children through our words, and actions that they are wanted. It’s the little things such as hugs and kisses that make a huge difference. Affection is vital for the development of a child, and so is discipline that comes with understanding.

“My immediate need as a father is to constantly be present in the lives of my children. Being involved physically, financially, spiritually, and of course emotionally.”

-Derek Bernard

We asked our brothers from all over, what they believed their immediate needs were as fathers. 

Here is what they said:

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Remember, it takes a village!

– Derek Bernard


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Man of God, father of two children, founder of AVOF (A Village of Fathers) organization.

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