Meet: Troy Hughey, AVOF’s Editor & Law/Political Correspondent

Troy Hughey Photo

Troy K. Hughey is employed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is currently the Editor for A Village of Fathers Blog and will eventually turn into a not for profit organization seeking to encourage fatherhood in urban communities. Mr. Hughey has worked in several fields over a fifteen year span. Mr. Hughey has worked in such areas as Animal Care, Veterinary, Sales and Marketing, Security, and more recently Customer Service. Being in several different areas has given Troy an enormous amount of experience working with different people with many views on life. Mr. Hughey feels that his employment experience will contribute to his live long dream of being a criminal defense lawyer representing people who cannot speak or represent themselves.

Troy Hughey earned his High School from Bayside High School. Mr. Hughey attended LaGuardia Community College where completed an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts and Science in December of 2011. Mr. Hughey then attended John Jay College of Criminal Justice where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice in August of 2013. A couple of years later, Mr. Hughey studied the functionality of state and federal court systems and investigation of corruption, fraud, and abuse in New York State system which earned him a Masters of Public Administration at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in August of 2017. Currently, Troy is an undergraduate student at New York City College of Technology seeking to earn a Bachelors of Science in Legal Studies. Mr. Hughey is a part of several student member organizations such as the New York City Bar Association, New York City Paralegal Association, the American Society for Public Administration, and the John Jay College of Criminal Justice Alumni Association.

Currently, Troy Hughey is working towards going to law school in the next couple of years. Mr. Hughey is also looking to become a Notary Public and begin a side career as a Marriage Officiate. Troy Hughey currently resides in Inwood, New York.  



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Man of God, father of two children, founder of AVOF (A Village of Fathers) organization.

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