1 Month Later, Since I Became A Father Again

On this day, 4 weeks ago, I became a father for the second time. Today, September 14, 2018 marks 1 month since my son was born. Derek Kingston-Carter Bernard was born August 14, 2018 11:18pm, 6 lbs 9 oz. During my wife’s pregnancy, I had to really wrap my head around having a second child. I wasn’tContinue reading “1 Month Later, Since I Became A Father Again”

What Was Your Father Like Pt. 2

“What Was Your Father Like” Part II Over the years I’ve observed a lot of parents try to fill voids in their childhood by recreating with their children what they wish their parent’s had created with themselves. A lot of times parents attempt to help their children by giving them lots of material things, becauseContinue reading “What Was Your Father Like Pt. 2”

4 Reasons and Other Factors Why Dads Are Important (Too)!!!!!

Moms are nurtures and create the foundation, with love and care. They are also the backbone of the family. However, DADS are important too, and here is a few fun facts 1 – New fathers involvement and caring for their child in the first days of child’s life can have a positive long-term benefits 2 – HigherContinue reading “4 Reasons and Other Factors Why Dads Are Important (Too)!!!!!”

What Was Your Father Like? (part 1 of 2)

Everyone can attest to their own experiences with their father. No two relationships are alike. How great of an impact would you say your father-son relationship has made on your views of fatherhood? If I had to describe my father, I would say that he is a pretty cool guy. Many like his style, he’sContinue reading “What Was Your Father Like? (part 1 of 2)”

As A Father, What Are Your Immediate Needs?

Children are born into this world, they do not request to be here! We as parents make decisions that allow for children to enter into this world. It is our responsibility to constantly express love and acceptance to our children as their caretakers and guardians. It’s important that we show our children through our words,Continue reading “As A Father, What Are Your Immediate Needs?”

Who Is Derek Bernard?

I’m a 35 year man of god, married and father of an eight year old girl, and a son that’s due August 12, 2018. However, he can enter the world any day. When I was in my mother’s womb, she was in Rikers Island prison facility and my father was in another facility for theContinue reading “Who Is Derek Bernard?”

The Journey Begins

THANKS FOR JOINING US AND WELCOME TO A.V.O.F. NATION   MISSION STATEMENT A Village of Fathers “AVOF” is an organization/network focused on bringing together minority fathers in poverty-stricken communities. It is also a movement to celebrate and cultivate value in raising strong families and generating legacies through education and wealth. Our ultimate goal is to pull our communitiesContinue reading “The Journey Begins”